“Jeff’s performance at IBM’s recent Summit gave me a new, useful perspective on generating leads and sales using tools like LinkedIn and Facebook. His practical focus is refreshing and his insights crystal clear. He sent all of us back to the office motivated to make social sell.”


Brian Ratte
IBM Industry Software Leader
and Founder of YogaVibes.com

jeff molander review“Insightful and refreshingly practical. Jeff kicked off our management team’s day by provoking thought and generating discussion. He grabbed our attention and kept it by offering ‘ah-ha’ moments—clear examples of how leading social media marketers are using tools like Facebook to sell. He thoroughly prepared in advance to meet the specific needs of our group and assured successful and meaningful time well-spent.”

Rose Mitchell
Sr. VP, Governmental Affairs | Hy-Vee, Inc.

jeff molander speaking testimonial“Jeff’s keynote at our Social Media Summit was rated excellent across the board. He bypassed the fluff and gave our regionally-focused audience the world-class strategies, the drive and clear ‘next steps’ to start making social media sell right away.”



Jim Garrett
Executive Director | Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Jeff gave our dealer sales force and supplier partners exactly what they needed—a refreshing, new perspective on social media marketing that sent everyone back to the office energized and able to make social media sell. His practical, straight forward, buzzword-free, occasionally humorous style was engaging from start to finish.”

Norm MacLeod
Basics Office Products Ltd.

“Our audience scored Jeff’s presentation skills and content at the top of the scale—excellent. He presented exceptionally clear, actionable and relevant information on how to make social media sell. His contribution to our annual meeting was exceptionally strong.”

Nidia Negron
Craft & Hobby Association

jeff molander webinar speaker“Jeff’s presentation took social media out of the realm of fluffy engagement metrics and brought it home in concrete, direct marketing terms that the audience could take to the bank. More than one of our audience members chimed in to say, ‘Thank you! This is REAL World finally someone speaking my thoughts!'”


Thorin McGee
North America Publishing Co.

“Jeff’s ability to engage a demanding, action-oriented audience is appreciated, refreshing and useful. He helped our group cut through the noise and facilitated a useful discussion that included new tips and actionable ‘to-do’s’ for members.”

Judith Gethner, Partner
Zanon Group/Chair, Illinois Technology Assoc.

“Does the world need another speaker hyping-up the opportunity presented by social media? Probably not. Do audiences like yours need a practical way to make social media produce more sales and deepen loyalty? Absolutely. If your audience needs to make social media sell they’ll need an ally. Someone who sees a clear, mature business purpose for social media and who can help them take action on it, tomorrow. Fortunately, you’ve found just such an ally. In a world filled with so much hype, spin and charlatanism Molander offers brave, wise and practical answers.”

Bryan Eisenberg
Best-selling author & Web marketing legend

“Jeff is an extremely articulate speaker who’s achieved recognition as one of the elite class marketers. In our community he has become somewhat of a celebrity providing strategic insight and no-nonsense tactical advice that improve the results of performance marketing programs.”

Lisa Morgan, SVP, Principal Analyst
Online Market World

“Jeff is a passionate speaker who always delivers immediately useful information in an inspirational way… He’s a responsible, dedicated and talented communicator.”


Nazya Ayaz, Event Director
Worldwide Business Research